Adult and Teen Classes

Our Adult/Teen classes run year round off of the drop in schedule below.

KDC offers a positive environment where dancers at all levels are inspired to learn and develop their creative talents through open dance classes including Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Lyrical.

We are always offering different classes for Adults and Teens so check back often for the current class schedule!  Also if you are a new student, check out the coupon for our teen adult program below! 


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Class Descriptions

Ballet:  Discover the magic of your body through ballet.  It will work your body in ways no other dance form can, resulting in greater strength, stamina and a healthier posture.  Ballet classes begin with the support of the barre and move to more challenging movements in the center.  Movements progress from basic to advanced, slow to fast and small to large.  Special clothing isn't required for ballet, but leotards and tights is the suggested attire.  Dressing comfortably and in layers is the guiding principal.  Ballet shoes are recommended, but socks are acceptable;  the hair should be pulled back away from the neck and face.

Beginning Ballet:  Requires no prior experience.  We start with basic positions of the feet and arms.  We progress to adagio movements, body facings, petit allegro, grande allegro and turns.
Beginning/Intermediate Ballet:  This class cover plies, tendus, degages, rond de jambes and grande battements.  The center work becomes more challenging and the combinations more difficult.
Intermediate Ballet:  Dancers will refine their technique as battus are added as well as fouette turns and increasingly difficult combinations.
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet:  Dancers will continue to perfect their attitudes/arabesques.  Temps de cuisses, brises, brise vole are some of the movements that will be learned.
Pointe:  Available to all ballet students in soft shoes.  Students who wish to wear pointe shoes must be over 12, have a solid year of ballet study and the approval of the instructor.

Hip-Hop:  A beginning/intermediate high energy hip-hop class that includes today’s hottest moves.  This class is all about having fun while learning technique and style.  The recommended attire is comfortable work out wear and tennis shoes.

Strength & Conditioning:  A total body workout designed with dancers in mind, Strength & Conditioning will help strengthen your core, tone your limbs, and increase your power and speed for turns, jumps, leaps and dance tricks.  If you don’t have these items, we have spares on hand, but for those who prefer their own equipment, please bring to class a yoga mat, some hand-held dumbbells in a suitable weight, and a towel.  Tennis shoes and workout attire are most appropriate, particularly for cardio segments, but dance sneakers and even bare feet are fine, if preferred.      

Dance “Grab Bag”:  From ballet, jazz, or lyrical to turns and leaps, or barre strength and stretch, our “Grab Bag” class will always keep you guessing. “Grab Bag” class dance styles and combinations change roughly every three weeks.  The class is leveled intermediate, but from time to time combinations are either a little easier or a little more advanced.  Come try your hand at “Grab Bag,” and see what style you might want to study more regularly.  Dance or workout attire preferred; shoes optional.               

Jazz:  Jazz is known as the one, true American form of dance.  An artistic style defined by clean, sharp lines, Jazz can take on many variations, including Pop, Funk, Lyrical, and Broadway.  A beginner-level class is taught on Thursday evenings.  Jazz is also a popular genre for KDC’s annual adult performances, so sign up for Jazz classes now!  Dance or workout attire preferred; footwear optional.

Lyrical Jazz:  This class is geared towards the dancer that already has a comprehensive knowledge of jazz/lyrical/contemporary movements.  The choreography is taught at a quick pace and is specific to a piece of music. Freedom of personal movement, flow and interpretation of emotions of the music are accepted and nurtured.   Dancers are given the basic choreography and then allowed to expand depending on their emotional involvement with the music.  Class structure is a warm-up and stretching period lasting approx 20-25 minutes and then right into the choreography.  Choreography and music choice can range from light and flowy to heavy and hard hitting.  Non-restrictive clothing is recommended.  Anything goes from sweats and shorts to jazz pants and tights.  As for shoes, whatever makes the dancer feel grounded to the floor.   Jazz shoes, bare feet, socks, all work.

Aerial:  Build strength and flexibility while learning circus-based dance! This open level class introduces beginners to movement, skills, and basic choreography on dance trapeze (low, single-point), fabric (silks), and fabric sling. Intermediate students add more complex moves, drops, and choreographic sequences. Aerial dance in this class covers some contact with the floor while on the apparatus, but most movement is done in the air. In addition to being fun exercise, other benefits include building upper body strength, developing your core, and learning to move through space in a different way. Proper attire should include long pants; no shoes are used in the class.

Beginner Salsa:   In this class you will gain an in-depth understanding of the basics. Rico & Tatiana focus almost entirely on basic technique which includes balance, posture, upper/lower body coordination, arm movement, hip movement, weight transfer, connection, developing frame, cross-body lead and follow technique, right turn lead and follow technique, left turn, side to side, front cumbia, back cumbia, and back break. It will give you the foundation you need to look good and have fun on the dance floor. Each week will build upon the previous week. Each technique will be broken down and demonstrated so the student can easily grasp it. Mastery of the basics will give you the skills and confidence needed to develop into a good dancer.

Bachata:  Salsa clubs play a mix of both Salsa and Bachata. Learn the fundamentals of this sensual, romantic dance. In this class, we teach beginning lead and follow techniques along with basic footwork and core body movement. Then we expand upon what you have learned  with more difficult combinations and turn patterns, complex syncopated footwork, body movements and isolation's, and a deeper understanding of the rhythm of Bachata.

Zumba:  ZUMBA®  is a high-energy Latin-inspired dance exercise class that blends red-hot international music with easy-to-follow steps to form a fun, calorie-burning fitness party that’s downright addictive.  Maybe that’s why it’s called “exercise in disguise”!  Salsa, merengue, cumbia, cha-cha, reggaeton and even a little bollywood & hip-hop are all rhythms you’ll experience in this exhilarating class. This Open Level class welcomes anyone who’s ready to “party” themselves towards joy and health.  Comfortable clothing is a must......something you can sweat in.......and shoes!  Jazz sneakers are great or sneakers without too much tread in the sole.  (Makes it easier to twist and shake!)

Youth Classes

KDC is committed to helping children achieve and excel at any level, whether they wish to be competitors, become professionals or just wish to learn the fun art of dancing. Social skills, good sportsmanship and confidence are achieved in a positive, fun and nurturing environment.  We accept children starting at age 3, and offer classes for all age groups including teens.  In addition, we offer group lessons specifically geared towards our younger students.  Scholarships and tuition discounts are available.  Please contact the studio for information and eligibility requirements.

Our Fall schedule is here!  Please see below.  Session starts September 8th and runs for 12 weeks.  Register by emailing


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